Candela P-12 Shuttle

P-12 Shuttle offers convenient cross connections in waterfront cities. On many routes, it’s a faster alternative to cars.

Thanks to the computer-guided hydrofoils, Candela P-12 flies above the surface without generating harmful wakes. It’s the fastest electric ship to date with a service speed of 30 mph, which allows for to more frequent departures and up to 60% faster commuting times in urban areas compared to the diesel vessels its designed to replace.

Embark on a safer, smoother and silent journey.

Advanced, computer-stabilized hydrofoils ensure a silent, smooth and safe journey. Flying with Candela P-12 will feel like travelling on a modern express train, even on open water and in adverse weather conditions.

By replacing one large, conventional vessel with a fleet of P-12 Shuttles, a nimbler waterborne public transportation system can be put in place.

More – and faster – vessels give the option of more frequent departures, while still reducing total operational cost. Smaller vessels ensure better occupancy and fewer empty seats.
For fleet optimization, the Candela P-12 Shuttle is fully connected.

Tech Specs

Hull material
Carbon Fibre
11.99 m
4.50 m
0.00 m
30 Knots
50 Nmi
100 kW
Electric Motors
2 x 50 kW
Legal name: Candela
Location: Lidingö, Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Founded: 2014
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