Candela C-8

Simply a better experience

In order to make a truly compelling electric craft, we had to rethink boats.

Instead of punching its way through the waves, C-8 flies silently above the surface. Instead of fitting a bigger engine, we went for dramatically improved efficiency by developing a pod motor optimized for hydrofoils. Instead of creating huge swells, we made a craft that leaves no wake behind.

To this, we added the best user interface ever seen in a boat, over-the-air upgrades, and all the amenities and comfort you would expect from the world’s best leisure boat.

Roof or no roof

C-8 comes as an open day cruiser or a sheltered hardtop with a retractable sunroof.

Customize your C-8 to fit your needs with additional amenities, such as a beverage cooler, freshwater shower, searchlights, radar, and more.

Superior interior

The cabin in C-8 sleeps two adults and two children. The optional Premium Sound System with subwoofer and six speakers allows for a unique concert experience onboard the most silent electric craft ever made.

Retractable hydrofoils

The retractable C-FOIL system makes C-8 a true no-compromise electric boat. In shallow mode, the foils and Candela C-POD are protected by the hull. In extreme weather conditions that prevent foiling, C-8 can be driven as a conventional boat, albeit with reduced range.

Fully integrated

The helm position of C-8 is simple and clean, with a 15,4-inch touchscreen running Candela’s intuitive UI.

Control everything – from the cooler to navigation – from the screen or the Candela app.

We believe in seamless machine-human interaction, and pride ourselves on delivering the best user experience of any boat. Over-the-air updates keep your C-8 up to date over the craft’s lifetime.

Tech Specs

Hull material
Carbon Fibre
8.50 m
2.50 m
1.50 m
30 Knots
50 Nmi
50 kW
Electric Motors
1 x 50 kW
Legal name: Candela
Location: Lidingö, Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Founded: 2014
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